Alyth Railway


This line between Alyth and Alyth Junction (Meigle) is closed. Today the nearest station is in Dundee.

The line was known as ^The Trappie Railway^. (Possibly a nickname which survived from the navvies - ^the trap^ was a popular pub, the Banff Arms Hotel in Alyth.


  /  /1858Alyth Railway
Act receives Royal ascent.
  /08/1861Alyth Railway
Brick single road shed opened at Alyth, Alyth Shed. (Later a sub shed of Dundee West Shed.) A 40ft turntable was later added.
12/08/1861Alyth Railway
Line opened.
01/02/1863Alyth Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway
The Alyth Railway is leased by the Scottish North Eastern Railway
  /  /1864Alyth Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway
Lease of the Alyth Railway by the Scottish North Eastern Railway authorised.
03/08/1868Dundee and Newtyle Railway Dundee and Newtyle Deviations (Dundee and Perth Railway)
New line from Newtyle Junction to new platforms at Alyth Junction and line passing north of Alyth Junction to meet the Alyth Railway opened (the Forfarshire Works).
  /  /1869Alyth Railway
Authorisation to buy further land to expand Alyth station.
25/04/1874Alyth Railway
The Alyth Railway agrees to purchase by the Caledonian Railway.
  /  /1875Alyth Railway
Alyth Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway.
03/01/1942Alyth Railway
Alyth Shed closed, but continues to be used until 1951. By this date the turntable is 42ft.
02/07/1951Alyth Railway
Alyth town to Alyth Junction closed to passengers. Alyth Shed track lifted.
  /  /1960Alyth Railway
Alyth Shed demolished.
01/03/1965Alyth Railway
Alyth town to Alyth Junction closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was originally a three platform station at the end of the road from Newtyle close to Nethermill and the Belmont Arms with goods facilities to its west, north side of the line. The station opened with the Alyth Railway (1861). It had two through platforms and a bay platform on the north side at the east end of the station. A further platform opened on the new flyover from [[Newtyle ...

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A tall lattice post and former bridge. There are two former railways in this 1996 view. From left to right is the former Strathmore main line. Flying ...
Ewan Crawford //1996
Alyth Junction looking to the junction in 1996. The platform on the left is the 1868 alignment from Newtyle to Alyth Junction, the platform on the ...
Ewan Crawford //1996
View north east from the road bridge at Alyth Junction on 12 July 2007. ...
John Furnevel 12/07/2007
Trackbed and remains at Alyth Junction on 12 July 2007. View is North East through the road bridge carrying the B954 north towards Alyth. ...
John Furnevel 12/07/2007
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This was the bay platform built for the Alyth Railway at Alyth Junction, see the latter station for details.

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This was a single platform station to the south of the level crossing just outside Meigle.

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The station building at Meigle on the Alyth branch, seen platform side in July 2007. This building was the original station on this site, a new ...
John Furnevel 12/07/2007
Looking south over the site of the level crossing to the former Meigle station on the Alyth branch in July 2007. The station originally opened as ...
John Furnevel 12/07/2007
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Meigle [2nd] closed when a new station opened north of the level crossing. The new station was also a single platform station. There was a timber station building.

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This was a single platform station with the platform on the west side of the line. There was a loop with a siding serving a loading bank at the south end.

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The site of Jordanstone station in 1996. View is north west towards the branch terminus at Alyth. The branch lost its passenger service in 1951 and ...
Ewan Crawford //1996
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Initially a siding in a cutting, Porterockney Siding serving Pitcrocknie Farm to the north, a halt was opened here opposite the siding on the south side of the line.

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This was a single platform terminus with a timber overall roof braced between the station building and the goods shed. This was removed before closure.

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The 1960 SLS/RCTS Joint Scottish Railtour photographed shortly after arrival at Alyth station on 16 June 1960. The locomotive is ex-Caledonian 0-6-0 ...
RB Parr, courtesy Stephenson Locomotive Society 16/06/1960
Alyth station. C.R. 0.4.4T 15195 on branch train. Glasgow Fair 1948. ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow //1948
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