Fairmuir Junction

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Fairmuir Junction (1861-1965)

Opened on the Dundee and Newtyle Deviations (Scottish Central Railway).


This was the junction between the deviation of the Dundee and Newtyle, built by the Scottish Central Railway and the branch to Fairmuir Goods, both opened in 1861. The deviation replaced the original route via the Law Incline and Law Tunnel from Dundee Ward Road with a new route round the west side of the Law via Lochee. A little to the north of the junction the deviation met the original course of the line.

A signal box opened in 1887, set back some way from the junction lines. There was a loop on the line north and another on the Fairmuir Goods approach. A headshunt from the the goods yard accessed Kings Cross Bakery. The box opened around the time the extension east to Maryfield Goods opened (1890).

A siding to the south ran west to an industrial estate from the 1950s, serving Kingsway Siding. One siding served the BX Plastic Works. Approach was from the north.

The Newtyle line closed to passengers in 1955 and ceased to be a through route when Auchterhouse [2nd] became goods terminus in 1958.

To Auchterhouse [2nd] closed in 1965 and the line closed completely in 1967.