Heathhall Rubber Works

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Heathhall Works
Heathhall Rubber Works

Served by the Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway.


This was the 3rd factory of Arrol-Johnston, replacing the works based in the Underwood Weaving Mills. The factory was built from new using ferro-concrete.

After 1927 it became the works of the North British Rubber Co.

The works was served by sidings from the south east which led off the Dumfries, Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway about half way between Dumfries and Locharbriggs.


Car factory Rubber Works


  /  /1913Arrol-Johnston Ltd, Underwood Weaving Mills, Paisley
Car production moves to the new purpose built Heathhall Works, north of Dumfries.