Ladyburn Junction

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Ladyburn Junction (1880-1990)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


This was the junction for the short branch from the Greenock to Paisley line which ran north to the James Watt Dock. The dock opened partly in 1885 and fully in 1886. This branch was approached from the east and turned from heading west to north to east on a sharply curved and steeply graded line which dropped down to Inchgreen Goods and reversing lines from which the dock was reached by reversal. Close to the junction a yard was also served and Bogston station's goods yard.

The signal box was located to the south of the junction and east of Ladyburn Shed (for which there was no access directly from the junction - this was accessed from Cartsdyke to the west). The original box was on the west side of Gibshill Road. This was replaced in 1900 by a new box to the east, a little way east of Gibshill Road about midway between Ladyburn Junction and Bogston station. This was also to the south of the line.

In 1967 the box temporarily took over Greenock Central and Greenock West boxes before it itself was closed, replaced by Paisley Power Box.

The shed closed in 1966 and lines were lifted, in the run up to electrification. Electrified loops were laid on either side of the main lines.

The goods lines closed around 1990 and have been lifted. In later years gravity shunting was used at the dock as a run round loop was no longer accessible there. Loops were retained at Ladyburn Junction but were seldom used.


Ladyburn Junction gravity shunting


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