Partick North Junction

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Partick North Junction (1896-1964)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.


This was a double track junction directly south of Crow Road Tunnel. This was the norther apex of a triangular junction, the other junctions between Partick West Junction and Partick East Junction. The signal box, opened with the junction, was in the ^V^ of the junction.

The two bridges over Dumbarton Road were a well known landmark with the road entry to Partick West station on the south side of the road between the bridges. The bridges had some castellated detailing.

The west fork carried minerals and goods and the east fork also carried passenger traffic. Two of the platforms of Partick West station were on this curve, south of the Dumbarton Road overbridge.

In 1933 the signal box closed, taken over by the box at Partick East Junction.

The north to east curve closed to passengers in 1964. Partick East Junction box closed in 1965 and with that the curve closed completely.

The west to north curve remained open until 1966, carrying freight.

The site has been landscaped and is now a pleasant area of parkland on the north side of Dumbarton Road.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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01/06/1896Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction opened for goods.
01/10/1896Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Line opened to passengers - Possil to Clydebank [CR] and Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction. Dumbarton East, Bowling [CR], Old Kilpatrick, Dalmuir [CR], Kilbowie Road, Clydebank [CR], Yoker [CR], Scotstoun [1st], Victoria Park, Whiteinch [CR], Partick West, Crow Road, Partick Central stations opened.
05/10/1964Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway
Partick North Junction to Partick East Junction closed to all traffic.


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