Stobcross Crane

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Stobcross Crane (1932-)

Opened on the Queens Dock Railway Lines.
Opened on the Stobcross Railway.


This crane is a Glasgow landmark. It was used for loading cargo, notably locomotives, onto ships at Stobcross Quay.

The 'tower' section of the crane was manufactured at the Cowans Sheldon Works, Carlisle. It replaced an earlier crane.

The quayside was rail served (rails remain here embedded in granite setts). Approach was from the north, sidings alongside Stobcross station which could be reached by either the former North British Railway network (Stobcross Railway) or Caledonian Railway network (Glasgow Central Railway).

Locomotives which were not standard gauge were drawn through the street by traction engines to the dock.

In 1987 an artwork, a straw locomotive by George Wyllie, was brought through the streets from the site of the Hyde Park Works [2nd] in Springburn and suspended from the crane. This echoed the journey taken by many locomotives manufactured in Springburn for export. After being displayed here it was hauled back to Springburn where the straw was burned to reveal metalwork in the shape of a question mark.




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