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The Historical Railways Estate comprises about 3,200 bridges, tunnels and viaducts on disused railways throughout the UK. With the abolition of the residuary British Railways Board in 2013, the maintenance responsibility for this estate passed to Highways England (HE), who are a Government-owned, arms-length company monitored by the ORR.
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The structures are part of the Historical Railways Estate managed by Highways England on behalf of the DfT and comprises 3,800 bridges, tunnels and
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Campaigners fight to save hundreds of disused railway structures threatened with infilling or demolition. Scattered across our nation are relics of the transport revolution brought by the railway in the 19th Century and lost to another - driven by the motorcar - in the 20th. Fifty years ago, the idea that we might eventually reopen []
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Highways England plans to infill or demolish around 130 disused railways structures over the next five years, many of which are earmarked for reuse as part of reopened railways, heritage line extensions or greenways for active travel. The state-owned roads company manages the Historical Railways Estate of 3,200 bridges, viaducts and tunnels on behalf of the Department for Transport.
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The potential conversion of old railway lines into cycle and walking routes is being blocked by plans to infill more than 100 bridges, including more than 20 in Scotland, campaigners have claimed.
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Uplawmoor [1st]: A view of the concrete southbound platform at Uplawmoor taken from the remains of the northbound platform. To the north/east of here the trackbed remained in a remarkable state of preservation for sev ...
Ewan Crawford //1999

Hundreds of potentially useful disused railway structures are threatened with demolition or infilling by Highways England under plans described by one campaigner as finishing off what Dr Beeching started. The government-owned company is responsible for managing the Department for Transports Historical Railways Estate (HRE) - a collection of around 3,200 bridges, tunnels and viaducts - some of which carry or span routes earmarked for walking and cycling, or for reopened railways and extensions to heritage lines. Blocking or severing the alignments would make reuse more difficult and expensive, possibly preventing the proposals from coming to fruition.
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According to the details published in the Official Journal of the European Union, the 10-year framework will involve inspection and remedial design. [Railscot note: includes disused railway structures in Scotland, such as the Leaderfoot Viaduct.]
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Leaderfoot Viaduct: Below the lofty Leaderfoot Viaduct looking to [[Earlston]].
Ewan Crawford 06/03/2016

Leaderfoot Viaduct: View north west over Drygrange Old Bridge towards Leaderfoot Viaduct in February 2018.
John Furnevel 24/02/2018

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