Balloch Shed

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

Balloch Shed (1858-1961)

Opened on the Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway.


This was a minimal shed. Facilities were spread out around the Balloch stations. The shed building had a single covered road and water tank. It was located to the immediate west of Balloch Central and was approached from the north. The turntable was further north (half way to Balloch Pier) on the west side of the line, the brick-lined pit surviving into the 1980s. The coaling bench was on the east side of the line, north of the carriage sidings.

British Railways assigned the code 65J and later 65I.

Closure came in 1961 with electrification of the railway. The site is now an area of grass in a large grassy area by the Balloch Visitor Information Centre (formerly Balloch Central's main building).




The Vanished Railways of Old Western Dunbartonshire (Britains Railways/Old Photos)