Colville's Sidings Signal Box

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Colville^s Sidings Signal Box (1890-1900)

Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.


This signal box replaced Windmillhill box (the name of the area to the immediate south) in 1890. The box was just north west of Flemington station and controlled access to two branches.

A branch ran south to the Caledonian Bolt Works and Parkhead Colliery Pit No 7 (an old branch dating from Windmillhill box days) . This branch was modified to be access via a headshunt, approached from the south east. The box was located in the 'V' of the junction between this branch and the main line.

Another branch ran north west to serve the Dalzell Iron and Steel Works, (iron works opened in 1872, steel works in 1880) and owned by David Colville and Sons Co Ltd. The latter branch could be accessed from the Flemington direction and also had headhunts which could be accessed from the Motherwell direction too, allowing approach from either direction on the main line.

It was replaced in 1900 by Dalzell Works Signal Box.


Signal box junction