Whiteinch Junction

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Whiteinch Junction (1874-1896)

Opened on the Stobcross Railway.

Opened on the Whiteinch Railway.


Junction between the Stobcross Railway and the Whiteinch Railway. The junction was just west of today's Hyndland station. The Whiteinch line was single track. Approach to it from the Stobcross line was from the east. It followed a different route west, passing under Crow Road to the south of the later Jordanhill station alignment. The first part of this can be seen on the left on a train leaving Hyndland northbound.

The signal box was on the north side of the junction.

Yoker Junction was to open to the west on the Stobcross Railway in 1882, the start of the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway.

The Whiteinch Junction was taken out in 1896 when a new connection was made between the Clydebank and Whiteinch Victoria Park at Whiteinch West Junction (part of general improvements which also extended the line to Dalmuir, as the NBR faced competition from the CR's new Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway)). The box closed. The former alignment was retained as industrial siding to the Great Western Laundry on Crow Road, approached by rail from the west. Yoker Junction was renamed Whiteinch East Junction and effectively replaced Whiteinch Junction as the route to Whiteinch Victoria Park.





29/10/1874Whiteinch Railway Whiteinch Tramway
Opened as a branch from the Stobcross Railway from an east facing Whiteinch Junction. Railway operated by North British Railway and tramway by the Wood brothers.
01/01/1897Whiteinch Railway
Opened to passengers. A new connection was made to the line from the west of Crow Road. This replaced an earlier line which crossed under Crow road and joined at Whiteinch Junction which was further east (to the south of Gartnavel Hospital). The route of this earlier line is now built over, but was slightly further south than the existing line. The North British Railway also built a spur from a west facing junction on the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway to a north facing junction on the Stobcross Railway.