Mossend North Junction

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Names and dates

Holytown Junction [1st] (1838-)
Mossend South Junction [1st] (-1902)
Mossend No 2 Junction (1902-1964)
Mossend North Junction (1964-)

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Station code: MNJ National Rail
Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.


This is a double track junction between the line north to Coatbridge Central and south to Motherwell and the line east to Shotts. It is just to the south of the Mossend Marshalling Yard. This the the northern of the Mossend junctions.

The junction was originally between the Wishaw and Coltness Railway^s line east to Newarthill and the Omoa Iron Works.(line opened in 1834) and the line south to Motherwell Junction and the Coltness Iron Works (northern part of the line opened 1838).

To the west was a south to west curve for the original version of the Mossend Iron and Steel Works.

With the opening in 1878 of the line west to Uddingston Junction and east to Fullwood Junction (in connection with the route east to Edinburgh Princes Street via Shotts) the junction was renamed Mossend South Junction (may have been 1882). (Also in 1878 Mossend North Junction [1st] was where a west to north curve from Mossend West Junction on that line met the existing north - south line).

A box opened in 1879. This was located in the ^V^ of the junction. The original platforms of Mossend station were to the north.

With a new line opened in 1902/03 from Milnwood Junction to Mossend No 3 Junction, giving new access to the Mossend Marshalling Yard^s down side from the south, the junction was renamed again to Mossend No 2 Junction.

The closure of the west to north curve led to another renaming around 1964 (or the Motherwell Signalling Centre taking over in 1973) to Mossend North Junction.

The signal box closed in 1973, taken over by the Motherwell Signalling Centre.



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