Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway


This railway was closed but has largely been re-opened as the Boness and Kinneil Railway by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society. The curve to the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was built as part of the original line although this is now achieved via a reversing spur on a similar alignment but requiring reversal.


17/03/1851Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Causewayend to Bo'ness [1st] opened.
  /  /1875Bo'ness Dock
Authorisation to build a wet dock on the east side of Bo^ness Harbour. The dock would be served by the Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway with coal hoists at the east end of the dock. A timber basin was also added - located to the south of today^s Bo'ness station, now the car park.
  /  /1876Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Line extended east to Bridgeness No 6 Colliery.
15/07/1897Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Caledonian Railway granted running powers to Bo'ness [1st] and Bo'ness Dock.
01/02/1899Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Caledonian Railway starts to operate over line.
01/07/1899Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Caledonian Railway ceases to operate over line.
01/05/1930Monkland and Kirkintilloch RailwayBallochney Railway Slamannan Railway Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Coatbridge (Greenside Junction) (excluded) to Manuel Low Level (excluded) closed to passengers. Commonhead, Rawyards, Airdrie Hallcraig Street, Whiterigg stations on the Ballochney Railway closed. Longriggend, Slamannan, Avonbridge, Blackston Junction, Bowhouse, Causewayend [MR] [2nd] closed.
01/05/1933Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Manuel Low Level to Bo'ness Low Junction (excluded) closed to passengers. Manuel Low Level closed.
07/05/1956Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Bo'ness [1st] to Polmont (Boness Junction) closed to passengers.
19/07/1965Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Bo'ness [1st] to Kinneil Colliery (excluded) closed to freight.
19/07/1975Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Kinneil Colliery to Bo'ness Junction closed.
  /  /1979Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Scottish Railway Preservation Society starts to build line at Bo'ness.
  /  /1981Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
New Bo'ness station opened by Scottish Railway Preservation Society.
  /  /1987Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Kinneil station opened by Scottish Railway Preservation Society.
  /  /1989Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Birkhill station opened by Scottish Railway Preservation Society.
  /  /1990Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Scottish Railway Preservation Society completes Bo'ness line to Manuel Junction (A station was opened here and the line may be extended to join the Union Canal).
  /  /1995Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway
Scottish Railway Museum opens as the Scottish Railway Exhibition at Bo'ness.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Causewayend to Bo^ness

Causewayend Incline Foot signal box was located here, closed in 1930 when the line closed to passengers. The box was to the south of the basin sidings and north of the Manuel low level line.

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Looking south in 1994 to the abutment of the 1851 bridge over the Union Canal which carried the Slamannan Railway extension to Bo^ness. Off to the ...
Bill Roberton //1994
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This was the low level of an interchange station. The station was to the north of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway embankment. There was an interchange with its Manuel High Level station.

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The island platform of Manuel Low Level station in 1999. The bay is to the right and through platform to the left. View looks south to the E&G. The ...
Ewan Crawford //1999
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This was the junction between two arms of the Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway. The line from the Bo'ness [1st] terminus ran south and divided here with a curve to the west going to meet the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway at Bo'ness High Junction and another route continuing under the E&G to Causewayend Junction. In its original state, before Manuel Low opened, both ...

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This six arch single track masonry viaduct crosses the River Avon at Avonbank, just south of Birkhill. The viaduct is 345 ft long overall and 68 ft high.

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Caledonian Railway 0-4-4T No.419 hauls the two preserved Caledonian Railway coaches over Avonbank Viaduct on an SRPS photo charter on 4th November ...
John Gray 04/11/2019
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This fireclay mine was to the west of Birkhill station and by the River Avon. It produced clay for heat resistant bricks. It consisted of several pits and had its own narrow gauge line bridge over the River Avon. It was operated by P&M Hurll.

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Historically there was no station at Birkhill. This is a new station with old buildings. The main station building is from Monifieth and prior to reassembly at Birkhill was used at the Glasgow Garden Festival.

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Platform scene at Birkhill in March 2018.
John Yellowlees 10/03/2018
Caley 0-4-4T running round its Train at Birkhill in 2003. ...
Gordon Steel /06/2003
Caledonian Railway 0-4-4T No.419 approaches Birkhill, hauling the two preserved C.R. coaches, during the SRPS steam gala on 2nd November 2019.
John Gray 02/11/2019
C.R. 0-4-4T No.419 runs under the newly installed footbridge at Birkhill. Picture taken under controlled conditions during an organised photo charter ...
John Gray 01/11/2019
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This was a small station to the north west of Kinneil. Due to misspelling in timetables it was also known as Kinniel. The station had a timber platform and small station building, more of a shelter.

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The new track at Kinneil looking west on the temporary way in 1982. The present alignment of the Bo^ness and Kinneil Railway is a little further to ...
Bill Roberton //1982
Looking along the Kinneil Colliery branch in July 1982 at the place where tracklifting had stopped. ...
Bill Roberton /07/1982
This works train is on a surviving part of the branch at Kinneil Colliery. At the same time the Bo^ness and Kinneil Railway was being laid nearby - ...
Bill Roberton //1982
Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST (works number 2043) NCB No.6 at Kinneil Colliery on 16 February 1978. The loco is preserved in working order at nearby ...
Bill Roberton 16/02/1978
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54465 at Bo^ness during the Branch Line Society rail tour from Polmont on 7 May 1960. The pair of ex-Caledonian coaches used on the tour can be seen ...
Stuart Sellar 07/05/1960
Boness - Polmont branch trains. At Boness. NB 4.4.2T 7468. (Wet forenoon). ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 25/09/1948
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NCB no.19 (Hunslet 3818 of 1954) leaves Bo^ness with the 12.10 to Manuel, on 1 August. ...
Bill Roberton 01/08/2017
CR 0-4-4T No.419 waits to depart Bo^ness with the 14.10 to Manuel on 5th August 2019.
Bill Roberton 05/08/2019
CR 0-4-4T No.419 pauses at the Bo^ness platform end on 5th August 2019. 60163 ^Tornado^ is in the shed yard.
Bill Roberton 05/08/2019
37403 returned to Bo^ness, after long term hire to DRS (See image 67336), in July 2020. Repairs will be carried out before being available for ...
Douglas McPherson 23/07/2020
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This museum is in exhibition halls located at Bo'ness, just north of the preserved station on the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway [Preserved]. The extensive collection includes locomotives, carriages, wagons and other items.

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Manuel Curve

This was largely an interchange station between the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway and the routes to Bo'ness and Slamannan. There were three high level platforms, two on the main line and a bay at the west end of the westbound platform for trains to Blackston Junction and beyond. Manuel Low Level was below at the east end of the high level station. When opened there was very ...

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Running round a train from Boness at Manuel on 9 April 2011. ...
John Yellowlees 09/04/2011
D49 4-4-0 no 246 Morayshire dropping down from Manuel with the SRPS 12.55 to Bo^ness on 6 August 2013. ...
Bill Roberton 06/08/2013
An Edinburgh - Glasgow shuttle approaching Manuel in July 2007. ...
John Furnevel 07/07/2007
GNR N2 0-6-2T 1744 running round at Manuel on 20 October 2013 after bringing in a service from Boness. ...
Bill Roberton 20/10/2013
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This is a relatively new station, opened in 2013. It is the southern terminus of the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway [Preserved]. It is located at the reversing spur at the southern end of the line from which the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway main line may be entered from the west. There are no platforms on the main line, only a single track on the preserved line.

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The station you can^t leave as it has no public access. NCB No 19 has arrived from Bo^ness with the 14.10. It will run round and go back with, we ...
David Panton 03/09/2016
Scene at the Boness and Kinneil terminus at Manuel on Saturday 9 April 2011 with 27001 about to return having run round its train from Boness. ...
John Yellowlees 09/04/2011
The ^D-train^ battery powered 230002 halted at Manuel in October 2018. ...
John Yellowlees 11/10/2018
The Furness Railway Trust^s GWR 0-6-2T 5643 is a guest at the Bo^ness & Kinneil Railway and scheduled to operate during the Steam Gala on 20-23 ...
Bill Roberton 14/10/2017
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This junction gave the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway access to the Bo'ness branch (Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway). Approach was from the west. Both lines were doubled with the branch dropping to single track after Bo'ness Low Junction. This layout dated from 1893 when a signal box (^Manuel High Level^) opened here. The original 1851 connection was not direct but by ...

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